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Welcome Home!

Three weeks later and I finally have the time to offically announce that... we bought a house!

Buying a house is something that Daniel and I have always talked about but the timing was never right. We knew that we wanted to be close to our families, so while we absolutely love the West Coast.. Virginia is where we decided to plant our roots. The past few months have been a whirlwind, from moving across the country, getting married, and graduating college, we thought... why not make life a little more crazy? We searched and searched for homes, found a few we loved, found some we definitely did not like, and encountered a few issues with a mortgage company. The sellers did not accept our offers on the first two homes that we liked (I fell in love with both homes and spent hours redesigning them on my computer software, crazy right?) which resulted in us feeling extremely defeated being that inventory is so low during the winter season. Both Daniel and I spent a majority of our time scrolling on Zillow with absolutely no luck until I decide to scroll all the way back to over 200 days ago and found a really old home in a cozy neighborhood.

We called our real estate agent at 5:00pm and ended up touring the home just a few hours later (in the dark). This house was twice the size of the other two homes we made offers on and had an amazing backyard and patio area which definitely sold Daniel. We made an offer just a few days later which ultimately got rejected but the sellers came back to accept the offer right after Christmas. Best Christmas present ever!

Daniel is more than ready to host barbecues on our patio this summer.

So... we bought our own, very old (1842), fixer upper and I am so excited to be able to make this house our home! The last few weeks have been nonstop renovations. We've painted the entire interior of the house which took forever, changed out the main bathroom floor, changed out hardware, and worked on insulating the house since it's been so cold lately. We still have a never ending list of renovations we plan to get done eventually. Scroll to the bottom of the post to see a few pictures of what we have gotten done so far!

Future Renovations:

- Adding another master bedroom with large bathroom

- Adding a guest suite with kitchenette and separate entrance

- Adding a laundry room with pantry and dog bath

- Expanding the kitchen and adding quartz countertops

- Installing new hardwood floors

- Adding a privacy fence to our yard

- Updating the exterior of the house (landscaping, new metal roof, barn board)

- Expanding driveway and adding pea gravel.

While that list is getting pretty long, right now we plan to slow down a little bit and enjoy spending time as a newly married couple in our new home. Next weekend I turn 22 and we are inviting our family and friends over for a housewarming/birthday party. My heart is overflowing with joy with all the love and support our family has given us though this process.


I'll also be doing a blog post soon on how Daniel and I transformed this outdated dresser to a fresh and modern media stand as well as on the dining room table we plan to build! Hopefully we will finish up decorating soon so I can do an official house tour. Thanks for reading!


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