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Personalized Sunglasses Valentines - Activity of the week

Valentine's Day is only a short two weeks away and I always tend to be a big planner (whether I like it or not, I just can't help it). This is the first year that Isla actually has a class to exchange valentines with. Last year we made ballerina valentines for her ballet class that were super cute and easy but this year I wanted to do something more personalized for the friends that she has made since starting her enrichment program back in the Fall. My main goal for these valentines was for them to be affordable and something that Isla could easily help with.

I bought a party pack of sunglasses from Amazon for only $13.99 that had more than enough sunglasses for Isla's classmates. We already had all of the letter beads we needed from our friendship bracelets kit. Other than that I used superglue to stick on the beads and paper and string for the tags. Having Isla be included in creating the valentines for her friends was really important, so it was her job to pick out which color sunglasses she thought each of her friends would like best. Then I wrote out each classmates name and she picked out the corresponding beads, which was a great learning activity as well. She wanted to glue them on the glasses herself but we had to compromise and just have her hand them to me since 3 year olds and super glue don't mix very well. She then signed her name on the cute little cards I made (click here for the free print out) and helped tie them to the glasses. She was so proud of all of her hard work and is so excited to give our her valentines!


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