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Featured Activity - Friendship Bracelets

Friendship bracelets have been really popular in our household lately. We first made them last year for all of the girls in our family and if you know Isla, you know she remembers absolutly everything. So of course we had to get a few new kits for her since she wants to make all of her friends and family bracelets for Christmas again this year. 

It’s a great activity for hand eye coordination, patterns, and spelling/letter/color recognition. It also helps teach patience and focus because it isn’t the easiest activity! Sometimes she has a bit of trouble threading the beads since they are so tiny but overall she does a really great job. I would definitely say this activity is for ages 3 (which is a little on the younger side but really it depends on each child) and up. It’s a great activity for her and I to do together and feeds into her “love language” of gift giving. When Isla is making bracelets Elliot is kept busy either eating a snack or in his playpen so he doesn’t snack on the beads. I've linked our bead kits below. Click on the product photo below for the *affiliate links*. Almost all are on sale right now!


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