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Our Home Style - Now and Then

Having a bright and clean home is something that Daniel and I both love. I’m usually the one that does all the shopping but he does an amazing job at helping me paint and hanging up the decorations. The main thing that I like to focus on are paint colors! They are huge in my book when it comes to changing the style/feel of a room. Call us boring, but we really like white walls. We also incorporate accent walls of subtle color such as grays, blues, and sometimes even blush tones.

Since we focus on simple and bright colors for the walls, we like to make things a little interesting by adding in pops of gold here and there. I also like to incorporate our own photos and quotes to add a personal touch. We love spending time at home, so comfort and coziness is so important to us. Once we moved to Seattle the concept of home really changed for us since we were in a new place without and family and friends. During that time period I really got into making our townhouse a place that we could call home. Many people have the perceptions that their homes need to be picture perfect, but I think that homes need to be lived in and show that life happens once you walk into the front door. Let me tell you, life definitely happens in our home! Our home is so full of love and happiness and it shows the moment you walk through the door.

I am so exited for us to buy our own house and to finally have a place that we can call our own. I have so many plans for our future home. We can't decide if we want to buy a fixer upper, have one built, or buy one already finished. Despite the route we take, we both want the final product to have a white exterior with black accents and to have an open floor plan. I can't wait to put my Pinterest board to use!

I ordered the metal print from Shutterfly and bought everything else from Target.
My favorite accent wall in our house

Check out my pinterest page to see all of our future plans.


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