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5 Things: Charleston Children Activities Edition

This is always such a popular ask, and while we have only lived in Charleston since the summer, I have an ever growing list of our favorite activities to do with the kids. I personally feel like Charleston is the most child friendly place we have ever lived/visited. Overall, Charleston’s combination of historical charm, family-friendly attractions, outdoor activities, and welcoming atmosphere make it an ideal destination for families with young children, which is one of the many reasons we decided to move here. Here is a little glimpse into our top 5 favorite things to do in the area. For reference Isla is 3.5 and Elliot is 16 months old.

ONE: The South Carolina Aquarium

We were gifted a membership to the aquarium for Elliot’s birthday and it’s been amazing. It’s a perfect outing for a rainy day and so educational. There is a sea turtle hospital, a small indoor playground, and multiple touch tanks. We always have the best time.

TWO: The Children’s Museum of the Low Country

When we were traveling we loved visiting all of the different children’s museums, so we knew that once we settled down somewhere we would have to get a membership to one. The Children’s Museum of the Low Country has so many wonderful areas for the kids to explore. Isla’s favorite is the real life Publix grocery store set up and the craft room. Elliot loves the pirate ship and the toddler play area. Everyone is always so welcoming and it makes for a great outing.

THREE: Folly Beach

Folly Beach is definitely our go to beach down here, mainly because it’s closest to our house but also because it has a lot of fun activities to do there as well. We love to get a snack and ice cream from Berts then go to the Folly Beach State Park to let the kids run around and collect shells. We also like to walk down the graffiti road to the Morris Island Light House. Folly beach has the “ideal” beach town feel and it’s always refreshing to spend time there.

FOUR: Explore Downtown

Isla is obsessed with downtown. I’m not joking when I tell you she can give you directions to certain landmarks. We always walk a certain loop when going downtown to check off all of her favorite places. We start by visiting the ever so famous Pineapple Fountain, in the summer you’ll find all of the kids splashing on the steps. When we first moved here I was so surprised to see kids swimming in all of the fountains, it turns out it’s totally normal (thank god because we can’t keep Isla out of them!). Next we walk down to Market Street to see all of the vendors and grab an ice cream. Finally, we head over to The Big Red Barn to see the carriage horses. They always have one out for visitors to pet which is nice because Isla can get her horse fix in since she misses her ponies back in Virginia so badly. We obviously go to all of the other areas of downtown as well but this is just our favorite little outing that we like to take the kids on to get some energy out.

FIVE: Magnolia Plantation

Magnolia Plantation is the perfect place to get some fresh air. You could spend hours here if you wanted to, but can also be in and out in about an hour if you’re short on time. We have a family membership so popping in real quick doesn’t cost us anything. We usually head straight for the animal sanctuary. It’s by far the kids' favorite spot. There are usually deer out walking around that you can pet and Buddy the tortoise may even come up to you as well. We then do a big walking loop around the pond and over the bridge to spot some alligators. We walk along the river and weave in and out of the gardens. I always make sure to bring snacks and bug spray!

Professional Photography done by Juls Photography and Company


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