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It’s been 3 months since our last date night!

It’s hard to believe that we have already been married for an entire month. I thought that once the wedding was over that life would start to slow down and we would have more time to relax and enjoy married life.. yeah, no. We have so much on our plate right now, from jobs, internships, exploring new business opportunities, thinking about moving, the gym, and just trying to spend enough time together. Spending quality time together is something that is so important to us and really weighs heavy on our relationship when we feel it lacking. We have both been listening to relationship podcasts lately (Marriage More is my favorite) because we think it’s important to gain new perspectives and to try new things regarding relationships.

One thing that we are going to start doing is having scheduled date nights. We moved 3 months ago and have yet gone on a date so we definitely feel that this is needed to grow and explore our relationship. Our last date night/day was a week before we moved. We spent it exploring our city one last time.That date was definitely a memorable one and we made sure to take a lot of pictures (pictured above). Since we are both so busy we are going to put our date night on the calendar to make sure no other events get scheduled. We are also going to take turns planning date nights and surprising each other. How many times have you asked your husband or wife “Where do you want to go eat?” then they reply “I don’t care, you chose.” then once you chose they don’t like the option! It’s a common conversation in our relationship, so that’s why we are implementing the surprise thing, plus who doesn’t like surprises? One thing that is really important to us when we go out for the night is to be fully present, which means no phones. Yes, sometimes we break this rule (Daniel when the Yankees are playing), but we try our best to keep our phones put away. Another thing we are going to do on our date night is to reflect on the week and have open conversations with each other. Sometimes all you want to talk about are the stressful things that are going on in life but that is not going to set the tone for an enjoyable night. I am really excited to start these date nights and to finally get one on one time with my new husband! If you have any cute date night ideas I’d love to hear them, we are always open to try new and excited things.


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