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Falling in Love at 16

I thought that since my blog, and more importantly my life, is focused around my

soon to be husband that I would start by telling the story on how we met and a little bit about our relationship.

Daniel and I officially met over a decade ago. I was 10 and Daniel was 12. We were both playing at a friends house in the neighborhood where Daniel grew up. The first words that Daniel said to me was, "You look like a boy...". We crossed paths multiple times throughout high school but it wasn't until July of 2013 that we talked again. We were at an annual Fourth of July party when Daniel noticed me and told me that I no longer looked like a boy. Ever since that night we have been inseparable. The next two months we spent every single day together until the dreaded day that Daniel had to leave for his freshmen year of college. We had a tearful goodbye, but surprise... he drove 2 hours just to see me three times a week. Every Wednesday he would take me to Pizza Hut for our weekly date since it was my 16 year old self’s favorite place to eat (so glad we don’t do that anymore!).

After a semester at college Daniel decided to come back to our home town and go to community college until I graduated from high school. Two years later, we left our home town and moved 4 hours away so I could attend Old Dominion University. We packed up all of our stuff (including our newly adopted dog and kitten) and moved into the cutest little house. After a year of living together and three years of dating, we made a big decision to move across the country so Daniel could attend a baseball training facility in Seattle. Once again, we packed up everything (including our now two dogs and one cat) and moved close to 3,000 miles away from our friends and family - that’s an entire different story -. Now here we are two years later, recently moved back to Virginia, engaged, and about to get married next month (surprisingly still only having 2 dogs and 1 cat). The past five years have been full of great adventures and experiences that have molded our relationship into what it is today. So here is to five years down and many, many more to go.

Our first date - 2013


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