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5 things

There have been quite a few new subscribers to the blog lately, so I thought it might be a good idea to start our "5 things" blog series! Each month we will publish a new "5 things" post, sometimes it may have a theme and other times it may be completely random. This week the focus is.... LIFE! I know that I have been talking about our life a lot lately, but everything is changing so frequently and it's exciting.

1. We finally went on a date! Last weekend we drove down to where we are wanting to move and got our favorite food, Pho. When we lived in Seattle we ate Pho about 3 times a week, we were obsessed! It didn't help that we only lived a few minutes away. Ever since we moved we haven't been able to find a good Pho place but it finally happened. Now we have even more of a reason to move.

2. Speaking of moving... we have been on the look out for the perfect, but imperfect fixer upper to buy for our first house. We are hoping to buy a house within the next few months and to move in after the new year. I have been obsessed with redesigning homes we have toured on the Home By Me ( website. Interior design is not something that I ever thought I would be into but my inner Joanna Gaines has been shining the past month and I cannot complain. We are both extremely excited about this and cannot wait to be first time homeowners!

3. Everyone keeps asking us when we are going to have kids... well we have only been married for two months so not within the next year. We are more than ready to have children and have been talking about it for quite some time now but plan to wait until we get a little more settled into our careers and have a more steady income. But if it happens before then it happens and we will be more than happy (and so will my mom) to have a little one.

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4. It's only been 2 months since we went to Barbados but we are already planning to take another trip. A lot of people think that traveling has to be expensive and that you need to hop on a plan and explore a new country in order for it to count as "traveling". We love traveling together, even if it is just to a new city only a few hours away. One of my favorite trips was going on a little weekend getaway to Cannon Beach, Oregon. We found a hotel the night before and then packed up the dogs and drove only 3 hours away. We spent the day on the beach and exploring the oceanside cliffs and ate dinner at a cute diner. Our next little trip will most likely be to New York (not new but still exciting). We love going around Christmas time because the city becomes so magical. We haven't given much thought into our next big trip, but we do plan to visit Daniel's family in Norway soon.

5. Since we are looking at buying a house soon, we have also been looking at buying new furniture, specifically living room furniture. Daniel really wants a big comfy couch, but I am wanting a two smaller couches and two chairs to help with the flow. We have been looking on and have found a lot of good options. Hopefully we will find something we agree on!

This is one of the couches I am wanting/ It's the Hillam Sofa from Wayfair.


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