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2024: The year of being intentional

Looking back:

I went back and forth about writing this blog post because I feel like they are so overdone, but I ended up deciding to write my thoughts down as a guide for me to look back on throughout this upcoming year. 2023 was a really big year for us. We sold our home that we thought the kids would grow up in. I put so much love and effort into making that house our home, it was a hard goodbye but it was a step forward for our family. We started an absolute crazy adventure and bought an RV to live in while we traveled the east coast looking for a new city to call home. You can read all about RV life here. We settled on Charleston, SC early into our travels and started house hunting right away. We found an amazing house on the water that I absolutely fell in love with, unfortunately someone came in with an all cash offer so ended up losing out. We searched for a while but came up empty handed so we switched gears and decided to buy an investment property to live in while we flip it. We are currently renovating the entire house and plan to either sell it or use it as a rental property when we finish.

The kids grew so much this past year. Isla started going to school one day a week and celebrated her 3rd birthday at Disney world. Elliot is learning so much every day and never stops melting hearts, talk about getting baby fever from your own baby. We made many trips back to Virginia to visit our families who we miss so incredibly much. This past year has shown us who is in our corner rooting for us as a family and as individuals. We see you and we appreciate you more than you will ever know. 2023 was a whirlwind, much needed change of pace, and never ending adventure, but we are ready to slow down and really enjoy the season of life we are in now.

Moving forward:

We truly don’t have a whole lot planned for this year, which is exactly how I hoped it would be. We plan to buy another house, one that we will make our own and stay in for years to come. We don’t have any trips planned right now but will definitely be making our way back to Virginia a few times to visit family and friends. I want this year to be focused on being intentional on everyday living. I plan to cook and bake more, and include the kids on those daily tasks. I also want to learn how to make bread! I see so many people doing it and definitely want to give it a try. I want to get outside more and explore Charleston. I want less technology and more hands on activities, not just for the kids but for Daniel and I as well. I also plan to give my blog my all and hope to grow it into something sustainable for our family. So here is to 2024, I hope each and everyone of you has a meaningful year ahead of you.


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