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I have always wanted to create a blog to share parts of my life with the people who are interested. I often get messages from my instagram followers asking about my traveling, fashion, and even relationship advice so I thought that this would be the perfect time to start blogging. To be honest, I have thought about making a blog for years now and have even gotten to the point of making different websites just to give up and change my mind. I always get worried that no one will read my posts or that it will be a waste of time. I have finally come to the conclusion that even if no one reads my posts, that taking the time to reflect and write about my life and things that genuinely interest me, I will have nothing to

lose but only things to gain.

I have always loved writing, but what I love even more are my experiences and adventures that I take with my best friend (Daniel). So here is to documenting our love for one another, our passions, adventures, and our day to day life (whether glamorous or not). Thanks for reading!


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