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Triumphs and Defeats: Potty Training

I’ll admit it, I was that mom that swore my child would be potty trained by the age of 2 and didn’t understand why some moms would have their toddler in diapers until 3 or even 4. I thought, it can’t be that hard! Well… being a first time mom to a totally free spirited, hard headed child I got a big wake up call that I was not expecting. 

When Isla was about a year and a half she was showing all the signs of readiness to potty train. I knew it was still early so we held off until we finished traveling for the summer. Right at the age of 2 we started potty training in full force. We bought all the cute little undies, got a potty timer and potty seat. We used mini chocolate chips as rewards and went to it. I took her every 30 minutes for the entire week. She caught on so fast, just like with everything else, and within a week she was barely having any accidents. She did really well for a few months and I thought we were done and completely potty trained. Turns out I was wrong, soon after Elliot was born a huge potty training regression began. We were facing pee accident after pee accident, I contemplated doing back to diapers, but ultimately decided against it. I gave her grace because she had just gone through a huge life changing event.

But here’s where I’m going to stop. I actually had an entire long post that I had been planning for a few weeks now, then I had a realization that I shouldn’t share the details of something that is so private to Isla. Something we’re still working through to this day. What I will say is this.. we take each day as it comes. I’ve spent many nights wondering (almost to the point of tears) what I’m doing wrong? Where did I mess up? Wondering if I could have done something differently? Honestly, the fact is some kids just take their time. The progression isn’t linear. They get so caught up in what they are doing that they forget to take a break to use the bathroom. Isla has always been and still is so extremely smart for her age. She gets so focused and intertwined in her activities that she isn’t able to stop and take that break. I try my best to be encouraging and understanding, don’t get me wrong though, I definitely have my times where I become frustrated and have to take a step back to gather my emotions. I’ve just learned to be prepared, I always have extra outfits, I give us extra time to use the restroom before leaving the house and when we get to where we’re going, I ask ask ask constantly if she needs take a potty break. And well, that leaves us where we are now. We’re still learning and working through it day by day. So, if you’re in the same place as I am, hang in there! If you’ve been here in the past any words of encouragement or advice are always appreciated. 

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