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Kitchen Counter Styling with Wayfair

Spring is the perfect time to reset and update your space with fresh and new decor, and while it's only February, the warmer weather can't come fast enough. Like most people, the kitchen is the heart of our home and a space where we gather on a daily basis. For that reason, I always like to keep the decor fresh and up to date.

For this kitchen counter refresh I partnered with Wayfair. Our kitchen is light and bright with wood accents, so I added a few new pieces to accentuate that. The Gracie Oaks Solid Wood Floating Shelves have always been a focal point in our kitchen, I thought adding the rustic wood cutting board and the acacia wood cake stand would compliment the wood shelves and add warmth into the space. I'm not someone that is super into color, but I really love textures to help give a space some depth. I got this beautiful stoneware pitcher and filled it with a bouquet of white tulips, because who doesn't think of Spring the moment they see tulips? In order to pull everything together and to add in a bit more texture I opted for the faux artichokes to fill the cake stand. These are really good quality and add a "freshness" to the kitchen without having to worry about frequently replacing real ones. I am so happy with the end result of my kitchen counter refresh, thanks to the help of Wayfair. I love walking into my kitchen every morning seeing it ready for Spring!

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