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Kencko Smoothies - a new go to

I’m always trying to find new ways to improve my health and everyday life. Recently I’ve been adding Kencko smoothies into my routine and have been feeling so much more hydrated and energized. The smoothies are packed with essential plant nutrients and taste amazing! Did I mention that they are also free from refined sugar or artificial flavors? They are the perfect on the go breakfast or snack for Isla, she absolutely loves them and always tries to take mama’s. My go to flavor is the Reds and I love to mix it with ice cold water for the perfect summer drink. I will definitely continue to add Kencko smoothies into our daily routine since our summer days don't leave much room for meal prep and it takes less than a minute to prepare these smoothies. Take a peek at my video to see just how quick it really is!

Right now you can get 1 month entirely free when you buy 2 months.

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