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Isla’s One Sweet Peach Birthday Party

Isla’s birthday party over the weekend was a big success and we all had such a wonderful time. After weeks (well more like months) of planning and preparing everything turned out great and we had no major hiccups, such a relief! I wasn’t able to get great pictures of all the details, since I was hosting a party for 50 people and chasing around a one year old but I got a few that I can't wait to share.

I decided on the ONE sweet peach birthday theme before Isla was even born, I’m a big planner if you can’t tell. I started saving pins and ideas to my Pinterest so I could refer back to them when the time got a little closer. I really went all out for her first birthday party since I was never able to have a baby shower and Isla hasn’t even met all of her extended family due to COVID, and who doesn’t love a good party? I may have set the birthday party bar a little too high but who knows, maybe we'll make it a tradition. I really did have such a great time planning the party, it's just something that I love to do and I am so excited to be able to share the details here with everyone.


The Venue & Details

We hosted the party at our home and held most of the activities in the front/side yard. We have a pretty decent sized yard with a lot of shade so it was the perfect spot for a party, plus it was free so it was obvious choice.

We bought a 10x10 tent and used it to cover the food and dessert tables. We also rented tables and chairs in order to have plenty of space for guests to sit at. I used a vintage dresser from Facebook Marketplace to hold the peach sangria and and peach tea and had small metal buckets holding other drinks. We had a small sitting area set up by the porch for a space to relax in the shade away from the commotion.

The front porch had a simple banner with photos of Isla throughout her first year and a large poster all about her favorite things. We also had the gift table set up on the front porch.

The focal point of the party was a large oak tree that was decorated with a 12 foot balloon arch and giant number 1 we had designed from Lucy Blossoms. I added vintage white wood furniture and a jute rug for the perfect spot to take photos. We also had huge round balloons with greenery strings scattered throughout the yard.

I wanted to showcase how Isla had grown throughout the last year so I printed out all of her monthly milestone pictures and put them on a wicker partition decorated with peach greenery and wood letters spelling out her name. It was special being able to look at the way her personality developed each month though the photos.

All throughout the party we had beautiful wild flowers that were freshly picked by a local farmer, Wild For Wildflowers . She was so sweet and even cut live branches from her peach tree to match the theme.

The Food

I wanted the food to be simple and straightforward, especially since this was a kid’s party after all. For the appetizers we had watermelon, an assortment of chips and dips, little boxes of popcorn, different types of peach candy, and a veggie tray. My sister in law also made us a beautiful charcuterie board.

For dinner we used Wegman’s and Chick-fil-A catering. We ended up having an assortment of sandwiches, wraps, nuggets, pasta salad, fruit salad, and a Greek platter with pita.

The Dessert

One of my favorite aspects of the party was the dessert. I got an assortment of macrons from RH Bakes that were peach bellini, peaches and cream, and vanilla flavor and they were to die for. I also ordered custom birthday cookies from Chubby Heart Cookies that fit Isla’s theme perfectly. We ordered the main cake and cupcakes from my all-time favorite bakery, Honeybee Pastries. The cake was absolutely stunning and had guests coming back for seconds. The inside even had peach jam which was the perfect compliment to the buttercream frosting. We also had vanilla peach cupcakes and strawberry chocolate cupcakes with the cutest peach decoration on top. Isla's smash cake was a simple cake from the grocery store that we topped with fresh peaches. She definitely enjoyed the peaches more than she did the cake, our girl sure loves her fruit.

The Activities

We had a small group of kids ages 1 to 8 attend the party and needed a few activities to help keep them busy. I questioned whether or not we should have water activities, like the splash pad, pool, and water table, but decided to save the water activities for a different time since we already had a lot going on.

Posey the Pony: My parent’s brought over Isla’s new pony, Posey , and she was definitely the star of the party (other than Isla of course). The kids loved brushing her, feeding her carrots, and taking photos with her.

Slime Table: I had a feeling that this was going to be a big hit and I was right. I ordered a huge pack of slime that came with little accessories off of Amazon and let the kids go crazy.

Painting Table: One of the last minute things I did was go to Hobby Lobby and get mini wood characters for the kids to paint and take home with them. The kids loved making their little creations and didn’t hesitate to show them off to everyone around.

Rainbow Jewelry: This was a super easy activity that just required string and fruit loops. This activity wasn’t as popular since the younger kids had a hard time stringing the cereal on their necklaces.

Ball Pit: Isla has a small indoor ball pit that she got for Christmas but we wanted something bigger and more durable for the outdoors. I ended up getting one of the adult blowup pools from Target and filling it with beach balls and packs of ball pit balls from Amazon. The kids absolutely loved playing in this and it definitely kept Isla busy (and contained haha).

Other Activities: We also had a cotton candy machine, corn hole, peach toss, and of course a piñata for the kids.

The Outfits

My dress is from Paige Collective and Isla's Romper is from Bargain Babies Boutique (code "MALSCH20") and her dress is Jamie Kay.

We definitely had a wonderful time and it was so special to see how loved Isla is by all of our family and friends. I guess I better start planning next year's party!

I linked a lot of the decor and other items here


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