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Barbados Honeymoon - Blog and Video

Yesterday marked the last day of our week long honeymoon in Barbados. We left on Tuesday morning and arrived at the Sandals resort in the late afternoon. As soon as we got off the shuttle we were greeted with a song by the welcome crew, something I wish I would’ve gotten a video of! The staff were so accommodating and offered us drinks right away (the first of many). We were escorted to our room and fell instantly in love, it was amazing. Everything from the outdoor soaking tub, the shower, our private pool, and even the bed. There was a full bar set up inside the room and all of it was included at no extra cost, one of the perks of staying at an all inclusive resort. There were over 21 places to chose to eat from, all the way from fine dining, pub food, and French cafes. We were so surprised about how many options there were to chose from, we ended up trying a majority of them by the end of the week.

We were really looking forward to doing the water-sports since they were included in our stay, but unfortunately we were only able to go out on the jet skis for about 30 minutes on the second day of our trip. A tropical storm was coming in and it made the ocean really rough so the resort cancelled all ocean activities and tours for the rest of the week. Even though we weren’t really able to enjoy the beach/ocean, we had a lot of fun doing other activities. We played pool volleyball, learned Bajen dances, had an amazing spa day, became beer pong champs, and didn’t stop drinking cocktails the entire time we were there. As soon as you finished one drink, the bartender would make you another.

My favorite aspect of our trip was the quality time that Daniel and I got to spend together. There was literally nothing to worry about or plan, so all of our focus was on each other. We thoroughly enjoyed our week at Sandals Barbados and are already planning to go back, maybe for Christmas?

If you have any questions about our stay or want recommendations feel free to send me a message, I’ll be happy to help!


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