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5 Things: most asked questions

Hi everyone! I am trying my best to post on my blog at least 3 times a week, but so far I’m just averaging 2 between being a mom, wife, and working from home. But anyways, a few days ago I posted on my Instagram story asking if anyone had any questions they wanted answered in this blog post. I’ve done simple Q&As on Instagram before but I wanted to go a little bit more in depth for these questions on my blog. I had a few really great questions that I’ll share the answers here today.

ONE: Where do you get your kids’ clothes from?

I get this question frequently, especially when Isla was younger and let me consistently dress her. I’ve always been into the more neutral and natural styles but over time I’ve been trying to incorporate more color into their wardrobes. For Isla I usually shop at Zara, Jamie Kay, Kate Quinn, H&M and Amazon. I almost always shop the sale section and like to get clothes for next season during their end of season sale, it saves a lot of money. We’ll do some basics from Target, but have really been liking Walmart’s selection better. For shoes, we’re big Vans and Converse fans because you can just throw them in the washing machine when they ultimately get dirty. We also love Natives for the summer, they’re the perfect beach shoe.

For Elliot I primarily shop from H&M, Walmart, Goumi (use code “TAYLORM”), and Olive and Scout. He’s in need of more warm weather clothes soon so I’m going to be looking into a few small shops to purchase from this go around. I will update you all if I find any good ones! For shoes, we again love Vans and Converse. I try to buy some shoes that are gender neutral so we can pass them one. Elliot has been wearing Isla’s old white slip on Vans almost daily lately. They’re so easy to put on quickly and you don’t have to deal with the laces getting untied constantly.

TWO: How was RV life with two little kids?

This is always a super common question, both online and in person. Long story short, it was hard, really hard, but a once in a lifetime experience and we don’t regret doing to at all. We spent a lot of time outside and exploring different cities. We made 99% of our meals in our outdoor kitchen and ate out at restaurants more than we probably should have (our kitchen was tiny and it was really hard to cook with 2 young children and 2 dogs under my feet). Would we live in an RV again? Uhhhh probably not, but in the end we made so many lifelong memories that we’ll forever cherish.

THREE: What type of car do you drive?

We bought a Jeep Wagoneer over the summer for our family car. So far we really like it and have no complaints! Ever since Elliot was born I wanted a car with a third row and bucket seats which this car has. It makes traveling a lot easier and gives us the space we need.

FOUR: Do you want more kids?

I’ve always wanted to have 3 or 4 kids, Daniel has always been pretty set on just having 2 kids. Right now with Isla and Elliot still being so young, moving, and being so far away from our family, having another child isn’t really in the cards. Although we have talked and are open to trying for another baby in a couple of years once things settle down a bit.

FIVE: Why did you move?

This is also a popular question! One day I plan to write a long blog post with all the details on why we decided to sell our house, travel, and how we ended up in Charleston. But long story short, we wanted more quality family time and an overall slower pace of life and I’m happy to say that these last 8 months have been nothing but that and it’s so reassuring that we made the right decision.

That’s it for today! This week I’ll be sharing a new post from my motherhood series “Triumphs and Defeats” and this one is all about the daily defeat I’ve been facing every day for the last year and a half. Be sure to subscribe to be the first to get notified on new posts!


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