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Weekend Recap: Picnic, Photoshoot, and Painting

This weekend was the perfect balance between spending time at home and being out and about doing different things. I always strive for a good balance because without that balance we’re either exhausted and over run from being out all weekend or irritable from being cooped up at home for too long. Isla has been going through a big wanting to be at home stage lately so I’ve been trying to make our outings extra tailored towards her to help her get through this phase.

We started the weekend going to the beach on Friday evening for a quick walk and to let the kids play in the sand. On Saturday we met a couple of families at the James Island County Park playground. We packed a big blanket, a little picnic, and a few toys. We hung out for a couple of hours while the kids played. The weather was absolutely beautiful and it was such a nice time. 

Later that day we met up with Juls Photography and Company for a downtown family photoshoot. She got some amazing photos at Rainbow Row and The Battery. Isla was feeling like her best self and didn’t want the photoshoot to end. Elliot (the happiest baby on Earth) decided to be really grumpy and wanted to run around the streets of Charleston the entire time but we made it work. Juls was so patient with them which really makes a huge difference in the entire process. We can't wait to get our gallery back.

After our photoshoot we walked down to Market Street to get the kids a little treat from the candy kitchen then walked over to get pizza for a quick dinner since it was getting late. Both kids were exhausted when we got home and fell asleep right away.

Sunday was our at home day. Daniel spent the day painting the two smaller sides of the house while I entertained the kids. We spent a lot of time outside since it was 70+ degrees out. Our day consisted of riding bikes, playing in our magnolia tree, playing in our mud kitchen, the trampoline and slide, coloring, playing with cars, doing simple chores (laundry and the dishes), and lots of other little things. We ended the day watching a bit of the Super Bowl before getting the kids off to bed. Daniel and I stayed up watching the rest of the Super Bowl while I baked cookies (they turned out so bad.. oops?). 

Now to plan the week ahead and get everything prepped for Valentine’s Day and my birthday. Until next weekend! 

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